Easy to Change Mould Empanada Samosa Ravioli Dumpling Making Machine

The machine is easy to change the mould to make different shapes dumpling, like samosa, pierogi, round pelmeni, empanada, spring roll, square ravioli, pot
sticker, wonton, lace edge dumplings etc . If you want to make different shapes at one machine, this is a good choice.

Additional information

Machine Material

Stainless Steel

Gram Range

10-60 Gram

Process Capacity

4800-6800 PCS/H



Product Details:

The Empanada Samosa Ravioli Dumpling Making Machine is a small size machine for the restaurant, dinning room and canteen.

Machine advantages:
1.All shapes and sizes can be customized.
2. The dough thickness and fillings quantity can be adjusted depends on request.
3. One machine can with several moulds to make different sizes and shapes.
4.Easy to operate and maintain.
5.Full stainless steel material machine.

Empanada Samosa Ravioli Dumpling Making Machine Parameters

Commodity Automatic Dumpling/Samosa/Empanada Making Machine
Model GDJZ-80 GDJZ-100
Capacity 4800Pcs/h 6000Pcs/h
Power 2.2kw 2.5kw
Packed Weight 130kg 145kg
Dimension 700*520*900mm 1000*500*1000

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