Automatic Pasta Rice Corn Noodle Vermicelli Making Machine

This Corn Noodle Making Machine can make the corn noodle, grain noodle, pasta, rice noodles,
vermicelli etc. The noodle size can be customized depends on request.
The machine has heating system, so the output is cooked. And it has air-drying system to keep noodles not stick together.

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Stainless Steel

Mould Customized




Product Details:

Machine Advantages

1. Customize molds of different shapes and sizes according to requirements. The mold adopts special technology non-stick surface, wear resistance, and long service life.

2. Wide usage range. Can do corn noodles, rice noodles, bean noodles, and so on.

3. The corn noodle-making machine can work with flour mixing machines, elevators, cutting machines, conveyor belt. Realize fully automatic production line.

Machine Specifications

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