Dumpling Empanda Samosa Dough Wrapper Skin Making Machine

The machine can use to make the round, rectangle, square, triangle and other shapes dough skin. The shape and thickness is customized. But it is a small model machine, can make the size less than 9cm, if you need big size, we have a bigger model machine for choice.

Additional information



Process Capacity



110V,220V or Customized


140 W


25 KG

Product Details:

The dumpling empanada samosa dough wrapper skin making machine is acrylic shell, so it is very small size and less weight. Can deliver by the DHL or Fedex.

But the process speed is very fast, each minute can make 60 pcs.

Machine advantages:

  1. Small size and less weight, but work very stable.
  2. Easy to change mould to make different size and shapes dough wrapper skin.
  3. It can use to make dumping, wonton, samosa, empanada, spring roll and such dough wrapper skin.
  4. Small size wrapper can made as double row mould.

The following skin specifications are just for your reference.We can customize the mould according to the diameter, thickness, weight of the wrapper skin that you request:
More wrapper skin specifications, please contact us.

Wrapper Diameter(mm) Middle Thickness(mm) Edge Thickness(mm) Frequently-Used Wrapper Weight(g) Wrapper Weight Ranges(g)
60mm 1.5mm 0.7mm 6g 5-7g
65mm 1.6mm 0.6mm 8g 7-10g
70mm 1.54mm 0.57mm 9g 7-11g
75mm 1.52mm 0.52mm 10g 7-12g
80mm 1.3mm 0.3mm 9g 8-13g
80mm 1.48mm 0.48mm 11g 8-13g
85mm 1.52mm 0.52mm 12g 9-14g
90mm 1.55mm 0.65mm 15g 10-15g

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