Macaroni Pasta Spiral Noodle Spaghetti Making Machine

The machine can change different molds to make the long pasta noodles, macaroni pasta, shell noodle, spaghetti etc. Usually with the machine has 3 kinds of molds, you can choose the shapes you like.

Additional information

Process Capacity

15-100 KG/H


2.5 KW





Product Details:

The Macaroni Pasta Spiral Noodle Spaghetti Making Machine is a good machine for the bakery, restaurant, snack and food processing plant.

Machine advantages:
1.All shapes and sizes can be customized.
2.Easy to change the molds to make the shapes you like.

3.It can use wheat flour, rice flour, starch, mix with vegetable and fruit juice so that get different color..

4.Small machine size and big capacity.


Pasta Extruder Making Machine Parameters

Model GD-N25 GD-N50 GD-N100
Capacity 15-25 KG/H 25-60 KG/H 80-100 KG/H
Power 2.5 kw 3 kw 4 kw
Packed Weight 90 kg 120 kg 150 kg
Dimension 450*500*790 mm 470*700*900 mm 480*710*950 mm


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