Table Type Empanada Potsticker Df28 Goyza Dumpling Making Machine

This goyza making machine mainly use to make the goyza shape, as the fried potsticker. The size usually 7.5cm, 8cm, 8.5cm, 9cm and 9.5 cm. Depends on your request, we can customize the mould.

Additional information

Process Capacity

1500 PCS/H

Gram Range

9-31 G


100 W





Product Details:

The goyza dumpling making machine is a table type machine. The machine size is small and good appearance. It is a perfect for the hotels restaurants, school canteen, factory canteen, kindergartens, quick-frozen dumplings manufacturers, dining hall and so on.

Machine advantages:
1.Table type small volume, easy to move.
2. The fillings structure adopt the scientific principle, so that can use any kinds of meat and vegetables.

3.Special mold structure, completely imitation of artificial bagging technology, not only can be wrapped very soft, thin dough


Goyza Dumpling Making Machine Parameters

Mould Dumpling Weight Diameter of Dumpling Skin
10# 9-11g 75mm
15# 14-16g 80mm
20# 19-21g 85mm
25# 24-26g 90mm
30# 29-31g 95mm

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