Hand Operate Manual Pizza Dough Flattening Press Machine

This Manual Pizza Dough Press Machine can be used to press pizza and bread. Manual operation, no need use electric, easy to operate. Save time and energy.

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Press Thick

1-10 mm

Dough Weight




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Usage Tips Manual Pizza Dough Press Machine

1. the small model is suitable for thick dough.
2. the big model is suitable for thin dough. It can press thinnest 1mm.
3. If the final dough needs to be very thin, the dough should be soft. and can mix into the oil.
4. If the dough you use is very hard, we advice use the big model. For hard dough, the final product can make thinnest 3-4mm.
5. The press tray is non-stick. But if it stick the dough, you can try to use the freezing isolation film or use plastic bag wrap the press tray.
Type 16 type dough sheet presser 32 type dough sheet presser
power manual operate manual operate
Diameter of press plate 140, 160, 180, 200 mm 200, 220, 240, 250 mm
apply for Dough Dough
press thickness Can be adjusted arbitrarily Can be adjusted arbitrarily
weight 9 kg 19kg
Mould material Teflon anti-stick mould or Aviation Aluminium alloy mould Teflon anti-stick mould or Aviation Aluminium alloy mould

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