Electric/Gas Conveyor Belt Pizza Baking Oven

The conveyor pizza oven is mainly used for baking pizza. It can choose electric or gas as energy to heat depends on local place.

It is a perfect machine for restaurant, pizza shops and quick food store.

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12'' 18'' 32''


Stainless Steel


1 Set

Product Details:

Conveyor Pizza Oven Advantages:
1. Full Stainless Steel Material.
2. Fast heating and even temperature.
3. Upper and lower heating temperature is independent control.
4. The baking temperature is adjustable
0-400 ℃。
5. Baking time is adjustable depending on request.
6. The chain is removable, so easy to clean.

12” Conveyor Pizza Oven

18 ” Conveyor Pizza Oven

32” Conveyor Pizza Oven

Power: 6.7KW(electric)

Gas Consumption:(0.6kg/h)

Power:10.3 KW (electric)

Gas Consumption:(0.8kg/h)

Power:25.5 KW(electric)

Gas Consumption:(0.8kg/h)

Temperature:0-400℃ Temperature:0-400℃ Temperature:0-400℃
Baking Area:560*360*80 mm Baking Area:800*560*80 mm Baking Area:1030*850*90mm
Chain Size:350*1000 mm Chain Size:560*1470 mm Chain Size:850*1800 mm
Machine Size:1120*610*500mm Machine Size:1570*800*360mm Machine Size:2010*1000*430 mm
Weight:45 KG Weight: 62 KG Weight: 115 KG

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