Small Automatic Citrus Fruit Orange Apple Kiwi Lemon Peeling Machine

The lemon peeling machine mainly use for the round fruit peeling. The fruit require diameter between 4-10 cm. Citrus like orange, lemon peeling very good. Also it can peel the apple, pear, kiwi and tomato.

Additional information

Fruit Size

4-10 CM

Process Capacity

200-300 PCS/H

Fruit Type

Round Fruit



Product Details:

The lemon peeling machine is a table model, small volume and high efficiency. In 10 seconds can finish one fruit peeling. So it is a perfect peeling machine for the cafe, restaurant, bakery and food process factory.


Machine advantages

1.Full 304 stainless steel material, which greatly prolongs the service life and has excellent corrosion resistance.

2.Just need put on the fruit, it can work automatically.

3.The peel thickness is adjustable, the thinnest can be 0.5mm.

4.Small volume the high efficiency.

5.Easy to operate, and maintain.

6.With the machine, we offer a set of spare parts.


Machine Specifications

Automatic Citrus Fruit Orange Apple Kiwi Lemon Peeling Machine
Power 50 w Voltage 110V, 220V
Weight 11 kg Dimension 47*25*32 cm
Material Stainless steel Spare parts One set


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