Full Stainless Steel Fruit and Vegetable Juice Cold Extracting Machine

The fruit and vegetable juice cold extracting machine is a screw juice extracting machine. By the strong press power from the screw extract our the juice. Do not affect the juice taste and high juice yield.

Additional information

Process Capacity

0.5-2.5 T/H

Machine Material

Stainless Steel

Suitable Material

Vegetable and Fruit



Product Details:

The main component of this fruit and vegetable juice cold extracting machine is that the slag outlet directing bottom diameter is gradually increased, so the pitch of the screw is gradually reduced. When the material is pushed by the screw, the volume of the screw cavity is reduced, squeeze the material. The raw materials put into hopper and pressed by the screw. The squeezed juice flows into the juicer at the bottom through the filter, while the waste is discharged through the annular gap formed between the screw and the pressure-regulated cone.


Machine advantages

  1. Advanced designand compact structure, beautiful appearance.
  2. The machine is composed of two parts, a crusher and a screw juicer, which can automatically complete the crushing, juice extraction and slag discharge processes.
  3. It adopts conical screw, with large capacity and high juice yield.
  4. Safety and energy saving, high efficiency, low noise and no pollution.
  5. The body and the parts in contact with materials are all made of national standard 304 stainless steel;


Machine Specifications

Model Capacity Screw Diameter Power Filter Screen
GD-Z500 500 KG/H 88 MM 1.5 KW 0.6 mm
GD-Z1000 1000 KG/H 125 MM 1.5 KW 0.6 mm
GD-Z1500 1500 KG/H 175 MM 1.75 KW 0.6 mm
GD-Z2000 2000 KG/H 185 MM 2.0 KW 0.6 mm
GD-Z2500 2500 KG/H 200 MM 2.5 KW 0.6 mm


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