Fruit Vegetable Potato Carrot Brush Washing Peeling Machine

The machine has brushes can use to wash the circus fruit such as oranges lemons.

For root vegetable can wash and peel at same time, such as potato, carrot, onion, radish and cassava.

Additional information

Process Capacity

0.5-5 T/H

Brush Quantity


Machine Material

SUS 304


1.1 KW



Product Details:

The Fruit Vegetable Potato Carrot Brush Washing Peeling Machine has the roller brushes to brush off the dust and peel.

It has 2 kinds of brushes for choose, the hard brush can peel and brush off the soil at same time. And if just need brush off the soil, no need peel we can change to soft brush.


Machine advantages:

1.Full 304 stainless steel material, which greatly prolongs the service life and has excellent corrosion resistance.

2.It can discharge automatically, no need much human work.

3.At the bottom of the machine, there is water tray so that the waste water doesn’t flow everywhere.

4.The machine adopts 9pcs brush rollers, which can make the raw materials fully contact with the brush rollers, to get effective washing or peeling.

5.The machine with wheels, easy to move.

6.The fruit vegetable brush washing peeling machine has different models for different capacities.

7.It can design as full automatic line depends on your request.


Model for Your Choice


Power Washing Capacity Peeling Capacity Size
GD-M800 1.1KW 500-800kg/h 500-600kg/h 1580*850*800mm
GD-M1000 1.5KW 700-1000kg/h 600-800kg/h 1780*850*800mm
GD-M1200 1.9KW 1000-1200kg/h 800-1000kg/h 1980*850*800mm
GD-M1500 2.2KW 1200-1500kg/h 1000-1200kg/h 2280*850*800mm
GD-M1800 2.5KW 1500-1800kg/h 1200-1500kg/h 2580*850*800mm
GD-M2000 3KW 1800-2000kg/h 1500-1700kg/h 2780*850*800mm


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