Ozone Sterilization Vegetable Fruit Bubble Washing Machine

It is suitable for washing leaf vegetables like lettuce, cabbage, preserved vegetables, fungus, marine vegetables, preserved products, fruits, etc.  Widely used in the kitchens of schools, restaurants, big factories, food processing factories, supermarkets, etc.

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100-600 kg/h


Stainless Steel

Ozone Sterilization



1 Set

Product Details:


1. This machine can do ozone cleaning at 360 degrees, sterilization, and disinfection clean and fast, with no residue. The ultrasonic vibrator can wash the stains on the surface of vegetables and fruits.

2. There is a vegetable washing switch, disinfection switch, and temperature switch(the water can heat up and be warm or hot to wash vegetables), it’s very easy to operate,  can wash the machine based on your actual needs.

3. The machine is made of high-quality stainless steel materials, reaching the health standard.

4. Simple operation, small occupation area, good performance, stable running, long service life.


Model Motor Power Capacity Machine Size Machine Weight
 1200 4 KW 100-200kg/h 1200X800X900mm 140KG
 1500 4 KW 150-250kg/h 1500X800X900mm 170KG
 1800 4 KW 250-300kg/h 1800x800x900mm 200KG


Ozone Bubble Washing machine

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