Full Stainless Steel Multifunctional Fruit Vegetable Cutting Machine

This Vegetable Cutting Machine is a multifunctional cutting machine. It can cut different vegetables and fruit. It can cut vegetables into sections, pieces, cubes and slices. Both leafy vegetable and root vegetable can cut.

Additional information

Process Capacity

500-1000 KG/H

Cutting Shapes

Sections, Cubes, Shred, Slices





Product Details:

The vegetable cutting machine has 2 heads. One is for the leafy vegetable that can into sections, such as the celery, cabbage and green vegetables. Another head mainly cut the root vegetable like potato, onion, ginger, carrot and fruit like apple, pear, etc. It can cut into cubes, slices and pieces.

The cut size and shape can be customized.


Vegetable Cutting Machine advantages

  1. Full stainless steel material machine, the knives are made in TAIWAN.
  2. Multifunctional use can cut different shapes. So it is a good machine for restaurants, vegetable factories. It can design as a production line.
  3. The machine is with wheels, so that easy to move.
  4. It is a simple operation by buttons, so easy to control and maintain.


Machine Specifications

Machine Vegetable Cutting Machine
Process Capacity 500-100 KG/H Leafy vegetable 1-60 mm
 Slice 2-10 mm Shred 2-10mm
Cubes 5-15mm Power 1.875 KW

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