Automatic Continuous Vegetable Fruit Air Bubble Washing Machine

The Vegetable Fruit Bubble Washing Machine is an ideal washing machine for vegetables and fruit, it is with a high-pressure air bubble that can wash the vegetable and fruit totally. It can work continuously with the elevator and conveyors, so that can use as a fully automatic production line.

Additional information

Process Capacity

0.5-10 T/H

Machine Material

SUS 304

Suitable For

Fruit and Vegetable



Product Details:

The vegetable fruit bubble washing machine can use to wash the vegetable, fruit and seafood. Such as cabbage, mushroom, potato, onion, lettuces. Fruit like the apple, orange, pear strawberry etc.

It use the full 304 stainless steel material, so that can guarantee no any rush even it use water.


Machine advantages

1.Full 304 stainless steel material, which greatly prolongs the service life and has excellent corrosion resistance.

2.High pressure water flow can make the material roll over, remove pesticide residues on the surface of material.

  1. All the washing part with high pressure nuzzle, so that can spray the material totally.

4..After washing in the tank vegetable or fruit will go through an elevator,and at the same time,  high pressure spray will wash the them again.

5.Depends on custom’s requirement, we can equip with the elevator, conveyor, brush washing.



 Vegetable Fruit Bubble Washing Machine Specifications


Process capacity Size Weight Power
GD-250 600-1000 kg/h 2800*1650*1250mm 300 kg 3.5 KW
GD-400 1000-1500kg/h 4100x1000x1560mm 600 kg 5.2 KW
GD-500 2000-2500kg/h 5200x1000x1560mm 750 kg 7.5 KW
GD-700 4500-5500kg/h 7200x1000x1560mm 900 kg 9.5KW

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