Tortilla Pita Chapati Dough Sheet Pancake Presser Machine

The Tortilla Pita Dough Sheet Machine can make various types of flour foods according to your needs, such as Tortilla, Pancake, Roti, Chapati, etc.

The heating temperature and the thickness can be adjusted depends on request.

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Machine Material

Stainless Steel



Product Details:

1.The Automatic Chapati Cooking Machine uses electric heating to generate heat to finish work.
2. The structure is 2 heating trays. And it has the function of double-sided baking.
3. The heating part is large area and fully enclosed form, with high thermal efficiency.
4. Fully digital temperature controller is used, and all the original components are plug-in connections and interchangeable.
5. This machine adopts iron tray , the iron element released during the process of ironing is good for human health.

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