Bun Momo Xiaolongbao Dimsum Making Machine

The Bun momo Making Machine can make steam bread, steam stuffed bun, stuffed dumplings, moon cakes, dimsum, round pie, kuba, xiaolongbao and soup dumplings.

Additional information

Gram Range

10-220 Gram

Process Capacity

0-3600 PCS/H

Machine Material

Stainless Steel


2.0 KW



Product Details:

The momo machine can make different sizes momo. With the machine has 4 mould, so that can adjust the momo size.

Also it can make round bun without waves. By adding the press or rollers can make the pie and dimsum.


Machine advantages:

1.The momo making machine is made of full stainless steel and food grade PVC material.

2.The machine working speed is adjustable, so can meet different process request.

3.The machine has different models for choose depends on request.


Model for Your Choice

Model GD-M200 GD-M87 GD-T200A
Capacity 0-3600 pcs/h 0-3600 pcs/h 0-3600 pcs/h
Power 2 kw 2.4 kw 1.5 kw
Voltage Customized Customized Customized
Dimension 140*70*170cm 153*71*157cm 85*65*110cm
Weight 230kg 230 kg 145 kg
Advantage Use yeast free dough Use fermentation dough Yeast free dough table type


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