Commercial Small Soda/Tin Can/Bubble Water Seamer Can Sealing Machine

For the Auto Can Sealing Machine, we have 2 model sealing machine for you to choose.

KL-A: Non-rotary seamers keep the can stationary and only the seamer spins. KL-M: Manual Sealer machine.
You need to switch the handle after put the can on the cup stand, then start the machine.

Additional information

Bottle Height


Sealing Diamter


Max Speed

20 pcs/min

Bottle Material

Plastic, Paper, Glass, Aluminium

Product Details:

Tin can automatic sealing machine is reliable, the pleats of the cans are evenly wrinkled and there is no leakage. The machine has features of simple operation, light weight, reliable working, fast sealing, only one person can complete the operation. Compared with the traditional manual sealing machine, the electric sealing machine can greatly improve the sealing efficiency, reduce the labor intensity of workers, and reduce the defective products caused by human factors. It is an ideal equipment for the food and beverage industry.

KL-A Automatic Sealing Machine  (Can Not Spin)
Bottle Sealing Diameter
Bottle Sealing Height
Machine Features

The bottle body is not spin which will not throw the liquid outside.

It is suitable for full bottle liquid, stratified liquid, sparkling water, beer, etc.
This machine can be used in various shops, bars, open kitchen, etc. And can change bottle base fastly to seal different height bottles.
Remarks: The above specifications are the standard configuration machines. We offer customization service acccording to the size and shape of your bottles, for example the bottle diameter can make 125-180mm.


can sealer
can sealer

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