Automatic/Semi-automatic Powder Bag Filling Machine

The machine can be widely used in the automatic quantitative filling, bag making, and sealing packaging in various industries such as food, medicine and chemical products.

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Packing Range


Packing Accuracy


Packing Speed

0-50 fills / minute


Stainless Steel

Product Details:

This series semi automatic screw powder filling machine is convenience and well suited for filling tiny powder, ultra-fine powder, micro small granules and other similar materials which can complete the work of automatic positioning, filling and measuring of bags and bottles.

Machine Features

1. The packaging machine is a set of machine photoelectricity in one, LCD touch screen and PLC control system;

2. With automatic measurement and filling, automatic adjustment of measurement errors and other functions.

3. Fast: the use of spiral under the material, light control technology.

4. High precision: the use of servo motor or stepper motor filling and electronic weighing feedback combined control principle.

5. Wide packaging range: the same equipment within 5-5000g through the display weighing interface to adjust and replace different specifications of the feeding spiral can be.

6. Wide range of application: powder, powder and granule mixed materials with certain fluidity are available.

7. The error caused by the material specific gravity and material level change can be automatically tracked and corrected.

8. Photoelectric induction under the material, only need manual bag, bag mouth clean, easy to seal.

9. Material contact parts are made of 304 stainless steel, easy to clean, to prevent cross-contamination.

AutomaticSemi-automatic Powder Bag Filling Machine


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