Manual/Automatic Frozen Meat Ham Salami Pastram Slicing Machine

This automatic multifunctional slicing machine is suitable for slicing various frozen and cooked meat, and also slicing for fruit and root vegetables, etc. It is widely used in restaurant, hotels, shops, canteen, food processing factory, hot pot restaurant, barbecue restaurant, etc.

Additional information

Slice Thickness


Cutting Speed

42-45 pcs/min

Blade Diameter

25/30 cm



Product Details:

1. This equipment has two standard specifications: 12 inch, 13 inch blade diameter. 2. Stainless steel blade imported,
professional knife sharpening components, can be sharpened without disassembly.
2. Pure copper motor, with strong power.
3. Easy to operate, adjustable slice thickness, suitable for a variety of meat and vegetable slice processing.

meat slicer machine 1


meat slicer machine
meat slicer machine

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