Ham Sausage Stuffing Filling Machine

The Sausage Filling Machine can fill large, medium, and small sizes of sausage. It can use animal casings, protein casings, and plastic casings. According to the customer’s product requirements, it can fill meat sausage, meat sausage, glutinous rice sausage, red sausage, pro-intestine, and hot dog sausage.

Additional information

Process Capacity

300-500 kg/h

Quantitative range

20-1000 Gram

Sausage Diameter

12-48 mm



Product Details:

The automatic sausage filling machine has 2 kinds, hydraulic and pneumatic. The hydraulic model is usually used for sausage that have meat or vegetable granules.
The pneumatic model is usually used for sausage that uses meat pasta and requires uniform weight. The 2 models can equip with sausage binding
Working Principle:
The pneumatic Sausage Filling Machine can finish quantitative and knotting at the same time. It needs work with the air compressor. So that it can do upper filling and lower sucking. The sausage can fill evenly and size uniformly.
This machine is a small size so suitable for small and medium sausage process factories.

Automatic Sausage Filling Machine

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