Frozen Meat Chicken Steak Cube Cutting Machine

The machine can cut the whole chicken with bone to cubes. Also like frozen meat, fish, chicken legs, steak, ribs.

Additional information

Process Capacity

500-600 KG/H

Cutting Shapes

Cubes, Sections


2.5 KW



Product Details:

The Frozen Meat Chicken Steak Cube Cutting Machine can cut 500 kg per hour, so it can save much human labor. It is widely used in meat chicken processing factory, supermarkets and restaurant.


Machine advantages:

  1. The machine can work automatically, just need put on the chicken and meat.
  2. The cut cube length can be adjust. So for different kinds of meat are OK.
  3. The chain of the machine all stainless steel, so no rust.
  4. The machine has the meat press rollers, so no can press the meat flat, cut the whole cube.
  5. Full of the machine is stainless steel, so it is strength quality.


Frozen Meat Chicken Steak Cube Cutting Machine Specifications

Model GD-CC680 Capacity 500-600 KG/H
Conveyor 310*1500 mm Voltage Customized
Cutting Length 15-50 mm Cutting Width 2/2.25/3/3.5/4/4.5/5 cm
Dimension 1300*600*960 mm Weight 250 kg

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