Full Stainless Steel Automatic Pizza Cone Making Molding Machine

This is a set machine includes the pizza cone molding, baking, and keeping warm box. The pizza cone size can be customized. Also if you need we offer a dough mixer machine, and the dough dividing machine work together.

Additional information

Cone Size

10-20 CM

Machine Material

Stainless Steel

Mould Number

1-4 PCS




110V, 220V

Product Details:

The pizza cone making machine is a good machine for the cake room, bakery, beverage shop, casual fast food, western restaurant, tea restaurant, cafes, grocery store etc.

Machine advantages:
1.The machine is full stainless steel, mould is aluminum alloy with a non-stick surface.

2.Full automatic working, after setting the time, it will work itself, so that can get uniform size and color.

3.Pizza cone mould size: 60*130*3mm, 60*145*5mm, 70*160*6mm, the mould size also can be customized.

4.the cone’s up and down mould’s temperature can be adjusted according to different dough ingredients.


Automatic Donut Making Frying Machine Parameters

Model GD-P2 GD-P3 GD-P4
Feature 2 Cone Moulds 3 Cone Moulds 4 Cone Moulds
Mould size 13*6*0.3cm 10*12*0.5cm 17*7*0.5 cm
Power 1.8 KW 2.3 KW 3 KW
Packed Weight 40 kg 50 kg 70 kg
Dimension 38*48*100CM 35*53*105 CM 55*45*106 CM


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