Empanada Dumpling Samosa Making Machine

The machine can use to make different sizes and shapes dumpling, empanada, because the machine mould is customized. It is a good machine for hotels, restaurants, canteen processing, kindergarten, school, frozen dumpling production factory.

Additional information

Gram Range

10-60 Gram

Process Capacity

1000-24000 pcs/h

Machine Material

Stainless Steel


1.75 KW



Product Details:

The Empanada Dumpling Samosa Making Machine is made of full stainless steel.

The conveyor part is food grade PVC belt, meet international food sanitary standard.

Machine advantages:

  1. The machine working speed is adjustable, so can meet different process request.
  2. The filling pipeis thickened, can use different kinds of meat and vegetables stuffings, no block.
  3. The machine has different models for choose depends on capacity request.


Model for Your Choice

Model GD-JZ150 GD-JZ180 GD-JZ200 GD-JZ800
Capacity 0-10000 pcs/h 0-12000 pcs/h 0-15000 pcs/h 1000-24000 pcs/h
Power 1.5 kw 1.5 kw 1.75 kw 4.1 kw
Voltage Customized Customized Customized Customized
Dimension 135*60*110cm 165*63*120cm 195*73*140cm 240*970*150cm
Weight 230kg 250kg 270 kg 900 kg

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