Dough Wrapper Skin Making Machine

This is a stainless steel material dough wrapper skin making machine. It can make the dough skin for dumping, empanada, samosa, spring roll, wonton etc. The size and shape can be customized. It has 2 models, one mould is fixed if you need only one size. If you need to change the mould make different sizes and shapes, can choose the mould replaceable model.

Additional information

Skin Size

5-30 cm

Gram Range

5-200 gram



Process Capacity

60-80 PCS/H

Product Details:

The dough wrapper skin-making machine can make the skin shape to be round, square, rectangle, triangle and the shape you want. Also, the thickness can be customized. It can make flat thickness whole skin or make the middle thicker than the border. Thickness can from 0.65mm-4mm. So just tell us your request, we can make the mold for you.


Machine advantages

  1. Full stainless steel material, easy to clean.
  2. With a dry flour spray device, it can spray flour evenly onto the dough ski to prevent sticking.
  3. Fold-able PVC food-grade conveyor belt.
  4. The shape and size are decided by the mold, so the skin is uniform.
  5. The machine has a big model, can make the skin a maximum of 30cm.
  6. We also have a dough mixer to work with it. Just feel free to contact me.


Dough Wrapper Skin Making Machine Parameters

Model GD-DW60 Voltage 110v/220V or as request
Capacity 60 -80 pcs/min Power 250/400 W
Skin size 5-30 cm Thickness 0.65-4 mm
Weight 60 kg Size 500*300*400mm

Dough Wrapper Skin Making Machine


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