How to Choose a Good Quality Momo/Bun Machine?

bun momo machine

There are various kinds of momo/bun making machines on the market. Looks similar in appearance. But the prices vary greatly. How to choose a good quality machine?
The following tips can help you choose a high-quality machine.

1. The picture on the right is a comparison photo of a group of filling augers. On the left is a cheap auger, and on the right is the thickened stainless steel auger. The thickened stainless steel auger can convey the filling smoothly and won’t block. The cheap auger there is a hole, it uses a bolt connection, and from the outside you can see the bolt. It may cause filling contamination. The thickened auger uses the barb connection, outside it is smooth. No dirt on the filling. Our momo/bun machines all use this kind of stainless steel thickened augers. This is important for the momo machine working, so when choosing the machine, need to pay much attention to this detail.

2. The picture on the right shows the filling tube and filling dispensing part. This part is all made of stainless steel. Because the filling will contain some water, salt and various sausage. If stainless steel is not used, it will rust and affect the use of the machine.

3. On the right is the momo forming tray. 3mm stainless steel is the best quality. But some are using 2mm thick trays. Even the bolts we use stainless steel material.

4. The picture on the right is the motor part inside the machine. The use of chain links will make the motor work longer. If the motor is directly connected to the shaft, it will affect the service life of the motor. We use standard 5 mm angle iron for the machine’s frame, but some will use 3 mm or 4 mm Angle iron to reduce costs. It has a certain effect on the stability of the machine. The motor is the core part of the momo/bun machine. It should be a copper wire silent motor so that the machine can work stably.

These are some of the most basic configurations of a bun/momo making machine. They are all small details, but you should pay more attention to them when you buy. Although the appearance of the machine looks similar, in fact, there are a lot of details, and the materials used in the parts are different. So when buying can not only appearance and price but also pay attention to the details of the machine details.

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