How the Empanada Dumpling Machine Help You?

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If you have a restaurant, dinning hall or quick-frozen grain food factory, the dumpling machine is a necessary machine for you. It can help you save labor, and produce uniform shape and size dumplings,empanada, wonton ,samosa, ravioli and pelmeni. Not only the shape is beautiful, but also the dough wrapper skin after pressed by the rollers, the dumpling skin is more tougher and the taste is better.

This empanada dumpling machine is a new type close wrapped machine through constant testing. Multiple pressing rollers are used to flatten the dough, adopt the arc-shaped dough guide pillar to make the dough initial bending. After the filling tube injecting the fillings, it is directly formed into dumplings shape through the mould. This kind of press rollers don’t hurt the dough gluten. So the dough texture will not change. And after pressed by the rollers, the dough wrapper skin become more tenacious and taste better.

The wrapping model is like manual kneading, so this empanada dumpling machine is called imitation handmade empanada dumpling making machine in China.

The mould is the empanada dumpling machine’s core part. We use the No. 45 steel to grave the shape. NO. 45 steel is a high-quality carbon structural steel with higher strength and deformation resistance. This will ensure the empanada dumpling’s shapes are uniform and beautiful. The steel after heat treatment, engraving and forming, then coated with food-grade non-stick coating to prevent sticking.

This is the structure of the empanada dumpling making machine

Details of the empanada dumpling making machine

1.Advanced press rollers ensure the smooth dough, don’t hurt dough gluten, so the empanada and dumpings are very good test. By adjusting the dough knob can adjust the dough wrapper skin thickness.

2.Food-grade stainless steel filling bucket, easy to clean and durable.

3.The transparent filling tube is convenient for observing the filling state and adding fillings  in time.

4.Imitation of manual kneading, fast production speed and good shape.

5.Graved mould with non-stick coating can ensure uniform beautiful shape.

This is a multifunctional empanada dumpling machine, the shape and size can be customized. You can make empanada, dumplings, wonton ,gyoza samosa, ravioli and pelmeni or some shapes you like.  

The empanada dumpling making machine can be used in restaurants, dinning halls, food  factories, hotels, canteens, schools, etc. It can help you save a lot of labors and make beautiful delicious empanadas and dumplings.

One more thing, because the machine usually need use flat long dough, so it work with the dough kneading machine. These are the machines. Next time I will write a details about the kneading machine. Thanks for reading the articles, hope it can have some help to you.  

Follow is a link of the test video for your reference

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