Stainless Steel Dough Divider Cutter Machine

This dough divider machine can cut the dough into 2-500 gram dough with equal weight of each one. The final dough balls can be used for making dumpling, steamed bun, bread, cake, mooncake, pancake, momo, etc.

Additional information

Gram Range

0.2-500 Gram

Process Capacity

150-300 kg/h


2.5 KW





Product Details:

It is widely used in institutions, factories, mines, school canteens, and pasta processing units.

The dough dividing machine has 3 mould with different sizes hole diameter, so that can divide the dough into different sizes and weight.

Also the mould can be customized as round, square, or triangle other shapes you want.

Machine Advantages

  1. The dough dividing machinecan addspeed adjusting system, the speed can be adjusted slow or fast running.
    2. It is made of food grade full stainless steel, safe and healthy.
    3. The dough weight can adjust by mould size, also can by speed, so that can get the extract weight.
    4.It is widely used in institutions, factories, mines, school canteens,and pasta processing units.


Dough Divider Cutter Machine Parameters

Machine Model GD-D150 GD-D250
Capacity 150-200 KG 200-300 KG
Power 400 W 2.5 KW
Dividing Weight 0.2-200 Gram 0.2-500 Gram
Voltage Customized Customized


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