Commercial Automatic Milk Snow Snowflake Ice Making Machine

It is suitable for dessert stores, beverage stores, and other places that need snowflake ice, shredded ice, noodle ice, etc.

Additional information

Cooling Method

Water/Air Cooling


Stainless Steel





Product Details:


1. 3 Seconds Fast Output, Working continuously.
The ice comes out in 3-6 seconds after 2 minutes of shutdown. If the machine shuts down for 3 hours, the frost comes out in 30 seconds.
If the machine shuts down for more than 3 hours, ice comes out in 50 seconds.

2.304 food grade stainless steel material internal thread design increased cold surface, better-cooling ice effect.

3. Adjusting the speed, you can adjust the ice thickness/shape/soft or hard. The ice is very smooth.

4. The machine uses a high-quality compressor, powerful and fast cooling.

Snowflake Ice machine

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