Automatic Dumpling Siomai Momo Wonton Forming Machine

The machine can be placed on the dining table and doesn’t take up too much space. Also, this machine is suitable for different vegetable and meat mixture fillings, corn meat, shrimp meat, etc. This machine is suitable for breakfast shops, schools, families, supermarkets, and restaurant chains.

Additional information

Process Capacity

900-1200 pcs/h






1 Set

Product Details:


This series machine has two models to choose , one is model SM-05, which can change moulds to make siomai/shaomai and momo;
another model is SM-08, which is a multifunctional machine, it can change moulds to make dumplings, wonton, siomai/shaomai and momo both.
It can change moulds to make different final products according to your needs. The machine is with one kind mould by default.
1. Smaller semi-automatic machine, small occupying area, the net weight is only 26kg.
2. Easy operation and cleaning.
3. Suitable for various meat and vegetable fillings, such as maize meat filling, shrimp meat filling, pork meat filling, beef meat filling, etc.
4. Can change the mould to produce different products, max one machine can make four different products: dumpling, momo, shaomai, wonton.
5. It can make different size products.
Machine Name
Small Table Top Siomai/Shaomai/Momo/Dumpling/Wonton Making Machine
410*365*550(includes hopper height)
110V/220V or As request
Forming 900-1200pcs/h
Grams of Final Products

Dumplings: 13-30g

Wontons: 7-14g
Momo: 16-32g
Shaomai: 15-31g
Part Moulds for Your Reference
Shaomai Mould: 80mm-100mm
For Example:
1. Diameter 8-8.5cm–shaomai skin weight 6-8g–final shaomai weight 15-19g
2. Diameter 9-9.5cm–shaomai skin weight 9-13g–final shaomai weight 21-30g
3. Diameter 10cm–shaomai skin weight 10-14g–final shaomai weight 22-31g
Momo Mould: 80mm-100mm
For Example:
1. Diameter 8cm–momo skin weight 8-20g–final momo weight 16-32g

Dumplings Mould: 80mm-100mm

For Example:

1. Diameter 8cm–dumpling skin weight 10g–final dumpling weight 14-17g
2. Diameter 9cm–dumpling skin weight 12g–final dumpling weight 18-22g
3. Diameter 10cm–dumpling skin weight 15g–final dumpling weight 25-30g
Wonton Mould: 70mm-80mm
For Example:
Square Wonton Skin: 70*70mm, 70*75mm, 75*75mm, etc.
The weight of the skin is about 3-4g.
Square Wonton Skin: 80*80mm, 80*75mm, 75*85mm, etc.
The weight of the skin is about 6-6.5g.
The price of the machine has one mould by default. Extra Mould needs extra cost.

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