Stainless Steel Manual/Electric Fruit Vegetable Slicing Machine

This machine is used for slicing various kinds of vegetables and fruit slicing, such as lemon, apple, potato, ginger, pumpkin, garlic, pineapple, cabbage, cucumber, pear, etc.

Additional information

Slice Thickness

0.1-10 mm

Water Clean






Product Details:


This type has two model machines: one is the manual type and another is the electric type.

It has high efficiency and average slicing effect, also doesn’t need the power to work which can save labor, time, and cost, and is easy to move. This machine can be widely used for the milk tea shops, restaurants, DIY shops, cheap jacks, and other kinds of food processing occasions. One blade can cut different thickness slices, the thickness can be adjusted between 1mm-18mm flexible.

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